Cottages have changed a lot in the last 20 years, there are fewer cottages that are only 3 season use. It is becoming more common to have a cottage that has all the luxury of home. Many of our companies recognize this and have introduced policy’s that include a package which is very similar to a home policy that allows for personal property and coverage on the building at replacement cost value. Coverage is still available for the cottage who’s owner is manly concerned with liability and excepts limited coverage on the building.

Tenants insurance provides coverage for the tenants personal property as well as additional living expenses. Landlords do not have coverage for tenants property if a loss occurs leaving many in financial troubles.

Most importantly it gives the tenants liability coverage. Tenants are responsible for any damage to the building as a result of their actions. It is not uncommon for the landlord to request tenants have this coverage to ensure their interests are looked after.

As a condominium owner you have a duty not only to your personal property and liability but also to the condominium corporation. A condominium policy is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your personal interest are looked after as well as any additional liability that the condominium committee may request from you. The policy may also include: owners improvements, loss assessment coverage and condominium additional coverage. Our service representatives would be glad to explain these coverage’s and there features in detail with you.

If you have more than one property and the people living in the home are not immediate family it will fall under rented buildings. This can be easily added to your homeowners policy. There are several types of coverage’s we can add to the policy other than the building such as: coverage for owners contents such as a fridge and stove, interruption which allows the owner to continue to collect money to pay bills if a loss occurs. We are equipped to offer coverage on any size or number of buildings you may have.

An umbrella policy provides protection once the limits on your homeowners, renters, condo or auto policy have been exhausted. It will also cover you for things such as libel and slander. Because the personal umbrella policy goes into effect after the underlying coverage is exhausted, there are certain limits that usually must be met in order to purchase this coverage

Property Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a “package” policy which provides coverage for your dwelling, outbuildings, personal property, additional living expense and personal liability.

Generally, a homeowners policy can be purchased in three different packages – Named Perils, Broad Form and Comprehesive. Each package provides protection against various losses and contains various exclusions and extensions of coverage.

The experienced staff of R.J. Brown Insurance will review your insurance requirements and recommend the best policy to suit your needs.

Some other factors to consider when purchasing a homeowners policy:

  • Personal property of parents residing in a nursing home
  • Students away at school
  • Furs
  • Jewellery
  • Watercraft
  • Tenants

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